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Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper Tips to Transform Your Room

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A peel and stick wallpaper makes home transformation simple. You can update your walls without wallpaper with this easy method. This is ideal for renters or temporary changes.

Preparation is essential. Keep walls clean, dry, and smooth. Any dust, wetness, or roughness can impact wallpaper adherence. Cleaning your walls with a damp cloth and drying them thoroughly works best.

Consider the room’s natural light and decor while choosing peel-and-stick wallpaper. Small spaces look bigger and more open with lighter hues, while darker ones offer refinement.

Correctly measuring your wall is essential. For flexibility, add a few inches to your measurements. Before application, cut the wallpaper to size to save wastage and improve fit.

The simple application demands attention to detail. Smooth the wallpaper onto the wall from the top and peel the backing slowly. Remove air bubbles and wrinkles with a soft cloth or tool. If you make a mistake, carefully peel and reapply.